How Centerboard Provides the Retail Industry with High-Quality Transportation Management

In the retail industry, companies need to rely on seamless shipping operations. This is critical when ensuring that products arrive on-time at the proper location and in the hands of a happy customer. But retailers also want to know they can rely on a transportation management system (TMS) that won’t compromise the quality of these […]

How the Centerboard Microservices Offering is Streamlining the Shipping and Logistics Industry

At Centerboard, our mission is to give shippers complete control over their supply chain. That is why we recently launched Centerboard Microservices, a groundbreaking solution designed for shippers and partners that want to introduce or add technology into their supply chain processes. The Microservices’ APIs are an industry-first offering, providing a new data model and […]

The Future of Shipping and Logistics – What’s Next?

Leveraging past lessons, prioritizing simplicity and improving efficiency. By Glenn Riggs, President at Centerboard Originally appeared on Industry Today The supply chain is the backbone of the economy, and with the past year turning the shipping industry on its head, many of us are left wondering what could be next for manufacturers, carriers, retailers and consumers. What […]

2021 Reflection: What Centerboard is Thankful for This Holiday Season

As we look back on 2021, our team is taking the time to reflect on what we are most thankful for this holiday season. Our Customers We’re thankful for our customers, who trust us to deliver best-in-class solutions and work with us to achieve new heights in the shipping industry. Here are some of their […]

Year in Review: Shipping Trends to Remember from 2021

From supply chain shortages to shipment congestion, 2021 was filled with obstacles that left shippers questioning what’s next? But with these trends, we’re also reminded of some valuable lessons for the new year. Let’s recap. Driver shortages open the door for new policies The American Trucking Association estimated that in 2021 the truck driver shortage […]

How Shippers Can Navigate the Supply Chain During the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, shoppers are worried about inventory issues and shipping delays since it’s become increasingly difficult to find items on their wishlists. Due to a myriad of challenges, prices are also increasing, with shippers left to navigate potential holiday shopping nightmares. So how can shippers overcome supply chain headaches and get […]

Centerboard’s Latest Product Offerings Launched via WIN, by Centerboard

Each day there seems to be a new headline highlighting an obstacle the supply chain is facing. While there is no easy fix to these complex issues—technology does provide hope. As the shipping industry navigates challenges presented by disruptions in the supply chain, we aim to ease shippers’ workloads through new technologies that offer a […]

2022 Crystal Ball: Assessing Current and Future Supply Chain Challenges & Opportunities

An inside look at how upcoming events and new initiatives may shape the supply chain, logistics and transportation environment in 2022.  If there’s one thing that all shippers learned in 2021, it’s that supply chain shortages, transportation capacity crunches and logistics snarls don’t always right themselves easily. As we move through the fourth quarter and […]

How Shippers Can Surf the Wave in Today’s Perfect Supply Chain Storm

Of all of the stakeholders impacted by the current disruption to the supply chain, it is perhaps shippers who have seen the most change. The increased demand for their products requires more shipments to be trucked, which results in the demand for an increasing number of drivers. Unfortunately, the number of truck drivers on the road […]

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