Centerboard’s Latest Product Offerings Launched via WIN, by Centerboard

Each day there seems to be a new headline highlighting an obstacle the supply chain is facing. While there is no easy fix to these complex issues—technology does provide hope. As the shipping industry navigates challenges presented by disruptions in the supply chain, we aim to ease shippers’ workloads through new technologies that offer a seamless user experience. We are excited to announce a range of updated solutions to our core platform, WIN, by Centerboard.

With these latest updates, shippers of all sizes can receive access to modular and flexible solutions powered by real-time data, providing complete control over and transparency of their supply chain.

While all of the offerings are exciting and geared at helping shippers navigate current and future unknowns, we are particularly proud of our Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) which provides information to the shipment destination’s receiving operation prior to the delivery date, helping improve planning, accuracy and efficiency.

We are also improving the process for our customers by allowing users to enter tracking messages on behalf of carriers. Our updates are aimed at helping you improve costs, accuracy and flexibility. 

The new features now live in WIN, by Centerboard include:

  • Advanced Shipment Notifications on all order tracking messages, helping to improve efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.
  • Tracking Message on Behalf of Carriers helping to communicate shipping updates in real-time.
  • Activity Tab Added on Order Screen to customize specific items related to an order, ultimately saving time.
  • Added Custom Fields, including date and timestamp, helping users to improve their billing process.
  • Tender Response Reminders, including scheduled, automated messages that reduce the need for shippers to contact carriers manually.
  • Pallet Labels to auto-generate the paperwork that shippers had to create manually.
  • Pro Sticker Image on BOL, adding greater clarity to the shipping experience by giving the client and carrier a convenient document for real-time tracking.

Our best-in-class technology is powered by 30 years of supply chain expertise here at Centerboard, and we understand what shippers need most. That’s why we’re focused on providing shippers with solutions backed with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities enabling more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable programs. Want to learn more about our new solutions offered through WIN, by Centerboard? Get in touch with our team and ask for a demo today.

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