How Shippers Can Navigate the Supply Chain During the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, shoppers are worried about inventory issues and shipping delays since it’s become increasingly difficult to find items on their wishlists. Due to a myriad of challenges, prices are also increasing, with shippers left to navigate potential holiday shopping nightmares.

So how can shippers overcome supply chain headaches and get through the holiday season? Here are our tips.

Integrate real-time data.

Take back control of your supply chain through real-time data. The only way to be successful in today’s supply chain is to invest in advanced technologies, including the use of valuable data to drive operational efficiencies.

By implementing real-time data, like finding carrier capacity or accessing the spot market on WIN, by Centerboard, you can gain insights into a transparent, single point of truth and move goods to holiday shoppers in the fastest but also most cost-effective manner.

Simplify transportation management.

Rely on technology to help simplify how you’re managing your supply chain and transportation management system. Today, there are limitless options and resources that can help you streamline these processes, from advanced shipment notifications to tender response reminders — both offered through WIN, by Centerboard.

Even better, these solutions can be customizable to provide you with a seamless user experience. When working with Centerboard, the result is complete control over and transparency into your supply chain. To make the process even easier, you can plug into whatever platforms you are already using, tailoring the user experience to your very own business rules.

Maintain agility and flexibility.

The supply chain as we knew it has been disrupted, and shippers need to plan and anticipate that these disruptions will continue throughout the holiday season and into 2022. With this, it’s essential to remain agile and flexible should any additional changes arise.

To help alleviate stress, shippers should work with a transportation management system that prioritizes seamless, easy-access features. For example, at Centerboard, our technology architecture is flexible, modular, and agile, allowing shippers to upgrade to the latest technology while saving time and money. 

That’s why Centerboard is here to help make this a happy holiday season for everyone. We strive to build solutions that empower shippers to take comprehensive control of their supply chain. With real-time data and accurate visibility into how goods move, we make shipping more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. Want to learn more? Get in touch and ask for a demo today.

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