How Shippers Can Surf the Wave in Today’s Perfect Supply Chain Storm

Of all of the stakeholders impacted by the current disruption to the supply chain, it is perhaps shippers who have seen the most change. The increased demand for their products requires more shipments to be trucked, which results in the demand for an increasing number of drivers. Unfortunately, the number of truck drivers on the road has decreased and prices to get freight where it needs to go are skyrocketing. 

Making this already tough situation tougher, supply chain has become incredibly complex and bespoke. Each shipper does things differently, and has access to varying levels of people, resources and technology. This holds true across industries. Amidst these challenges, shippers require access to quality technology solutions, timely data and a broad spectrum of carriers and partners. 

Here are some pro tips for shippers who are looking to navigate this complex supply chain landscape. 

Open up your network. 

Given the driver shortage, shippers should be able to find ways to open up their networks. This might mean finding a new set of carriers who are available to address your needs. Working with a platform that can provide you with important transportation management features can help you to strengthen current relationships, and develop new ones, ultimately unlocking business opportunities across your industry. 

Increase efficiency through technology. 

Shippers are having a hard time getting in the queue with contracted carriers, and many are going so far as to take steps to privatize their own fleet. Because that’s not a solution that is in reach for most companies, some technologies will allow you to get real-time spot quotes from a much broader range of carriers. The result is more access to additional carriers and an efficient process that saves you time and money. 

Prioritize transparency. 

Shippers are facing a significant issue with the lack of transparency and visibility around their supply chain. Centerboard offers shippers real-time data in the form of advanced shipment notifications and message tracking that helps to improve costs, accuracy and flexibility. With real-time data you can gain insights into a transparent, single point of truth and understand how to move goods in the fastest, most cost-effective manner. 

Be mindful of carbon footprint. 

Nearly every good consumed in the U.S. is put on a truck at some point – about $60.5 billion worth each year. Needless to say, there is room for improved efficiency – and it is achievable. By continuing to leverage real-time data, you can ensure less waste and significant carbon reduction with every trip by consolidating loads and optimizing modes. 

Gain back control.

Budget constraints and lack of manpower have left shippers feeling defeated. The supply chain is the lifeblood of business, but it is complex, hard to navigate, and challenging to get answers to inform sound decision-making. 

That’s why we’re here to help you gain back control. Here at Centerboard, we empower shippers to take comprehensive control of their supply chain. With real-time data and accurate visibility into how goods move, we make shipping more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable. Want to learn more? Get in touch and ask for a demo today.

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