How the Centerboard Microservices Offering is Streamlining the Shipping and Logistics Industry

At Centerboard, our mission is to give shippers complete control over their supply chain. That is why we recently launched Centerboard Microservices, a groundbreaking solution designed for shippers and partners that want to introduce or add technology into their supply chain processes. The Microservices’ APIs are an industry-first offering, providing a new data model and technology stack.

Now for the first time, shippers have affordable access to solutions that provide visibility and control into supply chain operations without needing to operate multiple technology stacks or invest in major platforms that come with high price tags.

Our cloud-based offerings are a-la-carte, meaning partners can have a fully customizable experience. Microservices are structured as building blocks, building a back-end architecture in a modular way. This provides partners with customizable supply chain functionality, allowing them to plug and play API offerings according to their specific customer needs. The result is greater supply chain access across the board.

When a technology partner such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provider partners with Centerboard, they have the ability to choose which features they want to use and select those that are most important for their customers’ business. For example, shippers only needing to access the spot market quote capability would select that specific service which would then be accessible through its existing ERP system.

Centerboard Microservices is a must-have for technology partners looking for a neutral headless transportation management solution to offer their clients. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.

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