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Centerboard Launches Updated Product Offerings via WIN, by Centerboard Technology Platform

November 4, 2021

Centerboard, the neutral, shipper-centric transportation management solution, is announcing a range of updated solutions to its core platform, WIN, by Centerboard…. Learn More


WIN Adopts New Corporate Name, Centerboard – The Logistics Industry’s Neutral Technology Platform

September 20, 2021

Leading logistics technology platform, Web Integrated Network (WIN), today announced it will be adopting a new corporate brand name, Centerboard, to best reflect its overall mission of giving shippers control over their supply chain using the growing slate of neutral, shipper-centric transportation and supply chain management technology solutions it is developing. A truly neutral solution… Learn More


Web Integrated Network “WIN” Honored as Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Provider For 2021

May 4, 2021

Web Integrated Network “WIN” was named as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Provider for 2021. The annual award from Inbound Logistics recognizes leading technology providers who are offering supply chain solutions for business logistics leaders…. Learn More

Web Integrated Network (WIN) Establishes Itself as Standalone Entity From Odyssey Logistics, Appoints Leadership Team

April 7, 2021

Danbury, Conn. — April 7, 2021 — Leading logistics technology platform, Web Integrated Network (WIN), today announced its new executive leadership team as part of its formal spinoff from Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey)…. Learn More 

News Coverage:

Industry Update Presented By Centerboard From FreightWaves

Check out an Industry Update from Centerboard.

November 18, 2021

Centerboard Launches Updated Product Offerings via WIN Platform
Check out the new features WIN, by Centerboard are now offering.

November 9, 2021

Hearst TV
Speeding Up Supplies
News clipping of Glenn Riggs, President of Centerboard, discussing how to fix supply chain issues. 

October 14, 2021

WIN rebrands to Centerboard with focus on shipper-centric tech solutions
Feature article highlighting Centerboard’s corporate rebrand

October 5, 2021

Danbury’s HamletHub
Why Small Businesses Matter in Danbury: Web Integrated Network 
Why Small Businesses Matters puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community.
October 4, 2021

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

WIN Changes Name to Centerboard

Feature article highlighting Centerboard’s corporate rebrand

September 22, 2021

WIN Adopts new Corporate name, Centerboard

Feature article highlighting Centerboard’s corporate rebrand. 

September 20, 2021

Dairy Foods

Technology helped dairy processors flourish during the pandemic

Centerboard Chief Commercial Officer, Lindsey Shellman, discusses how technology has helped to offset disruptions within the dairy industry supply chain over the last year. For dairy processors, what was once a food shipment for a restaurant order suddenly became a COVID-19 response effort with product logistics being reconfigured and shipments being rerouted to grocery stores.

July 1, 2021

Inbound Logistics 

Technology Must Be a Theme in 2021

Over the past five years technology has begun to seep into the shipping and logistics industry, with 2020 being a tentpole year in changing how we address the evolution of the market. Centerboard CCO, Lindsey Shellman, addresses why technology is table stakes for companies aiming to evolve and flourish in the future.

May 20, 2021

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Where Logistics Companies Can Invest to Improve the Industry

After over a year of adjusting to new hurdles, businesses of all shapes and sizes have begun to think about the long-term changes that need to be made to help their bottom line. Centerboard President, Glenn Riggs, discusses why the shipping and logistics industry must continue to explore and invest in technology such as the cloud, AI and ML to ensure success in the global market.

May 15, 2021


Lessons Learned on the Field: What the Shipping Industry Stands to Gain 

Centerboard’s Phil Villapiano discusses how the lessons he learned from his career in the NFL are relevant to his role at Centerboard and the shipping and logistics industry as a whole. 

April 5, 2021

Inbound Logistics

What’s Your Best Importing or Exporting Advice?

Centerboard CCO, Lindsey Shellman, offers advice to readers about maximizing efficiencies throughout the supply chain: make decisions by considering the entire process.

March 19, 2021

Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journal

Fairfield County 40 Under 40

Centerboard’s Lindsey Shellman was named to the Fairfield County 40 Under 40 list for her excellence in growing and empowering sales, operations, and development teams. 

January 29, 2021