How Centerboard Provides the Retail Industry with High-Quality Transportation Management

In the retail industry, companies need to rely on seamless shipping operations. This is critical when ensuring that products arrive on-time at the proper location and in the hands of a happy customer. But retailers also want to know they can rely on a transportation management system (TMS) that won’t compromise the quality of these goods.

Understanding Customers’ Needs

Centerboard knows that meeting customers’ constantly changing needs is imperative to maintaining positive, sustainable relationships between brands and manufacturers. And while effectively managing margins and inventory levels in retail logistics can be an obstacle, it doesn’t have to be.

Instead, Centerboard offers a frictionless experience for retailers looking for creative supply chain solutions. Centerboard Microservices are API solutions that enable seamless technology integration for shippers and technology providers alike. We present a groundbreaking approach to supply chain access via cloud-based, a-la-carte offerings that give retailers a fully customizable experience centered around their customers’ needs.

Using Technology to Ensure Seamless Operations

We believe shippers should be in complete control of their supply chain. Our real-time data gives retailers access to the entire supply chain and a single point of truth on how to move goods in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

From features like advanced shipping notifications (ASN) with up-to-date delivery statuses to carrier metrics and KPIs that measure on-time pick-up and delivery, we work with retailers to strengthen current supply chain relationships, develop new ones, and unlock valuable business opportunities.

An investment in quality transportation management software, like Centerboard, provides parties with the peace of mind that products will arrive on schedule while continuously meeting growing consumer demands.

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