Year in Review: Shipping Trends to Remember from 2021

From supply chain shortages to shipment congestion, 2021 was filled with obstacles that left shippers questioning what’s next? But with these trends, we’re also reminded of some valuable lessons for the new year. Let’s recap.

Driver shortages open the door for new policies

The American Trucking Association estimated that in 2021 the truck driver shortage would hit a historic high of just over 80,000 drivers. This shortage has caused the industry to take a step back and reevaluate what is and isn’t working.

Drivers’ well-being must be the number one priority when enacting policies moving forward. To strengthen relationships, certain changes that put the driver first have to be considered including increased pay and improved working conditions.

Supply chain issues stress the importance of transparency

The pandemic disrupted every aspect of the global supply chain. As a result, shippers have been faced with a lack of transparency and visibility into the movement of goods.

In order to get over this hurdle, the industry must prioritize transparency across the board. Long gone are the days of confusion as we move toward the increased use of real-time data to inform advanced shipment notifications and message tracking. The result is a transparent, single point of truth that allows shippers to understand how to move goods in the fastest, most cost-effective manner.

Shipment congestion highlights the need for technology

Shipping backups at ports have contributed to the headaches of many in the industry. To help alleviate this, we can rely on emerging technologies to create a more efficient process that saves shippers time and money.

Here at Centerboard, we act as a transportation management system (TMS) for shippers. Using leading-edge technology, we make shipping more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable, changing the way the industry moves forward. Want to learn more? Get in touch and ask for a demo today.

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